In 1921 the story of ALESSI started, an Italian factory which by its design has created many masterpieces of the Italian design, using more than 200 of the most talented designers in the world. Today, the ALESSI objects are produced with the newest materials in various production sites around the world retaining the authenticity of ALESSI and characterized by a special mixture of eccentricity, style of irony and elegance that make all the ALESSI products unique.

  • SIA


    Sonia Ingegerd Anderson is the woman who created SIA in Sweden in 1963. Since then, the development of the SIA Group has gained the global dynamics, using the experience of an international team of designers with different background, culture and experience, thus creating a great group dynamic and cooperation. SIA is an international brand name that produces 10 collections and 2000 new products every year designed for home according to the latest fashion.


    Original ideas, quality and reasonable prices are the triptych that characterizes the Octopus company. It specializes in the field of gifts presenting innovative objects of modern design, household items, gadgets and accessories for modern people.



    IONIA with a history of over 35 years in the Greek market, specializes in the production and marketing of porcelain. It offers complete proposals for home and professional equipment with modern and handy objects. For the rest of the products IONIA cooperates with leading European houses: sambonet, tramodina, zak designs, berghoff.

  • N-24

    The crystal texture comes in our everyday life. The Studio N-24 company was founded in 1962 aiming at the production and marketing of crystalware and household items with full expertise in glass processing. The manufacture quality of the items, their modern design and the different designs, transform the crystal glasses in items of high aesthetics. It’s a company with a reliable brand name as it is the first company in Greece with the production capacity of 4500 glasses daily.



     SP Tableware is a reliable company in the industry of glasses. Skilled stained glass artists create modern and classic designs 24% Pbo inscribed with diamonds. SP Tableware pays great attention to ecologic crystal glasses of the German firm scott-zwiesel. These are the only crystal glasses without lead in Greece. They are made by tritanio and carved in hand with diamonds without the use of acids. They are totally friendly to the environment and to us and more durable than the common crystal. The company is also involved in cutlery, porcelain, stainless steel utensils and decoratives.



    Representing over 45 companies from around the world, it offers a continually updated collection that satisfies even the most demanding clients offering the best quality and design. It deals with the import of decoratives and household items.



    Nordic Ware gives you the inspiration to create meals and treats that brings smiles on the faces of your favorite people. The authentic American aluminum form attaches the perfection to each project.



    HERDMAR presents many designs of high level and quality cutlery which cover the most demanding tastes.

  • OKUS


    Okus cutlery sets have been manufactured for 30 years in the most advanced factories worldwide with specifications that ensure the highest quality of stainless steel 18/10. Many years of experience, high production technology and the best raw material guarantee the best quality specifications for the OKUS cutlery.