About us

      The living luxury Lymperopoulos store was founded in 2009. In fact, it is the continuation of Lymperopoulos stores which exist in the commercial activity since 1953.

   In a small shop and with several difficulties, George Lymperopoulos started to activate himself in the field of household appliances with love and passion. The potentials of that era were few and the adversities were many. However, his commercial ingenious and entrepreneurial spirit managed within a few years to establish the name “LYMPEROPOULOS” as a trademark of the town in the field of household appliances.

   With the invaluable help and support of his wife Konstantina and his daughter Katerina while following the demands and the developments in the field, he managed to expand this small shop and create two new shops-which continue to operate until today- in Washington street, thus covering all the needs for home and professional equipment.

   In 1994, the reins of the company passed to his two sons, Stavros and Christos, who with steady steps and organized movements, based on experience of many years, their parents’ knowledge and their love for the specific field, opened the most modern living luxury Lymperopoulos store, following the new trends and demands of the time in an attempt to satisfy even the most demanding tastes.

   The living luxury Lymperopoulos store is involved in the field of household items, gifts for every occasion, small furniture and decorating items like paintings, tapestries and architectural lighting. Also, our partner can come to your place to help you decorate it in the best way.