Wedding List

Λίστα Γάμου

You are getting married…..and you want to enjoy this unique time of your life. In the living-luxury Lymperopoulos stores you settle down a new life with a wedding list.

Tell us about the style that suits you and we will offer you unique suggestions and ideas as well as full proposals of chinaware, cutlery, glasses, table accessories, kitchen utensils and tools, decoratives and handy objects.

Living-luxury Lymperopoulos is your personal consultant in art de la table proposals for the selection of unique items at the beginning of your new life.
The wedding list will facilitate you and save you from wasting time in changing gifts after the wedding since you will not get something two or three times. You will also save your guests from being in an awkward position while trying to decide what will be the best gift for you.

Your wedding list can be closed or open. In a closed (restricted) list you choose the gifts you want and the guests choose from the existing list. On the contrary, in an open list your guests choose the gifts they want but you can change them if you wish so.

Making your wedding list in our stores gives you the ability to buy in advance some items that you need before the wedding as well as free transfer of the gifts at your house. Also, with the closing of the list we offer you a gift in order to thank you for your choice.

At the living-luxury Lymperopoulos stores we want you to smile today, on your wedding day but on every day of your new life as well.